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Ford Vehicle How-To Videos and Info

The Legacy Auto Group Ford Ponoka location is committed to bringing you all the information you need, whether you're researching a potential new vehicle, or have a Ford and need to know some more information to make the most of your ride, such as setting up the MyFord Touch system. See our How-To Videos and all our Videos below. Also be sure to check out Ford Facts with our own Rick here!


The easiest way to locate your tire size is to look right on your tire and locate the numbers laid out as 265/35/R20.


This layout shows us the:

  • Width in Millimeters - 265
  • Aspect Ratio (Height/Width) - 35
  • Radial Construction and Diameter - R20

You can also open the door of your vehicle, and there will be a sticker showing your vehicle's information. This method will show you the original tire size at the time of purchase ensuring you know if the right tires are on your vehicle.

With Winter Tire Season quickly approaching we hope your choose Legacy Ford Ponoka for your Winter Tire needs. Come in to Legacy Ford Ponoka and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

How To Pair Your Mobile Phone with Your MyFord Touch System



The MyFord Touch system is available on most new Ford Vehicles at Legacy Ford Ponoka. Here, step by step, watch and learn how to pair your mobile phone with the MyFord Touch.

  • Touch "Add Phone" button in the yellow upper-left section of the screen
  • Go to "Settings" on your mobile phone
  • Click on "BlueTooth"
  • Wait for your mobile phone to find the MyFord Touch system via BlueTooth. This will appear on an iOS as "SYNC - Not Paired"
  • Click on the "SYNC" that is not paired
  • Your mobile phone will prompt you to check if a unique numerical code matches what shows on the MyFord Touch screen
  • If those numbers match, click "Pair" on your mobile phone and "Yes" on the MyFord Touch
  • It will take a moment for the two systems to pair
  • A confirmation will show that your mobile device has been recognized and paired on the MyTouch screen
  • Next, the MyTouch system will ask prompt you to connect the 911 emergency dialing and synchronize your phone books, click "Apply" if you wish to do both of these functions, which is recommended
  • After you click "Apply," all your contacts will be automatically uploaded into the MyFord Touch system


There you have it, just a few moments and touches away from easily synchronizing all your friends and family contact into your car for safe driving and talking. The 911 Assist function will automatically go into effect when your airbag is deployed. If your car still has battery in this event, 911 will call you to check and see if you are all right, absolutely free of charge.


How To Use Your MyFord Touch Navigation System


The MyFord Touch navigation system is now offered on most new models from the Ford lineup, available at Legacy Ford Ponoka. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use your MyFord Touch navigation system.

  • Touch the Navigation button in the green corner of your touchscreen
  • A map will appear
  • Touch the Destination button
  • The Destination screen will then appear
  • Next select Address to type in an address
  • The Address menu will appear so you can input your information
  • Select the City button and type in the city you wish to go to
  • Touch the Street button and type in the street
  • Select the Number button and type in the building number of your destination
  • The map will appear and then it will pinpoint the location of your selected destination
  • Touch the Set as Destination button to get directions to the pinpointed location

Now you can get to your destination with ease. You can also choose to keep it as a favourite simply by selecting the Save to Favourites button. Simply access it via your Favourites on the Destination screen and it will give you directions to that location.


How To Reset Your MyFord Touch System


The MyFord Touch system is offered with most vehicles from Ford's fantastic 2014 lineup, available now at Legacy Ford Ponoka. The MyFord Touch system is as technologically advanced as a computer, and like your computer it may freeze on occasion. This how-to guide will help you reset it if it happens to you.

  • Select the wheel icon at the bottom of your touchscreen
  • Go down the side menu and select Settings
  • Select System
  • Scroll down on the right and side using the arrow keys
  • Select the Master Reset button
  • A warning menu will then appear
  • Touch the Yes button


Your MyFord Touch system will now proceed to reset. It may take up to 10-15 minutes. Once it has been reset, your system will work normally again. You will then have to re-sync your devices to the MyFord Touch system.


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