Ford Facts with Rick Boron

Meet our Parts Manager Rick in his series of videos Ford Facts! Keep checking in often for updates and see the rest of our videos on our How To page and our YouTube channel!

Ford Wiper Blades


In this video, Rick discusses the various types of wiper blades available in stock at Legacy Ford Ponoka and the importance of wiper blade maintenance.

Ford offer three types of wiper blades. The first is the original equipment blades, which come in flex or hinge styles. The second is the premium blades, a hinged style with wear sensors to let you know when you need to replace them at a glance - when you see yellow, it's time to come in for new blades! The third style is the form flex blade, which applies even pressure across the windshield.

Wiper blades should be changed twice a year - in spring and in fall. Why? By spring, the wiper blades have just been through a rough winter going over ice, snow, salt and other debris, wearing them down. In the fall, the blades have been subject to lots of heat all summer. Combine that with the pressure, and the blade edge starts to flatten affecting its clearance capabilities.

Did you know that Legacy Ford keeps a large selection of wiper blades in stock at all times? Our blades are for all makes and models, not just Fords! When you purchase with us, we also install for free and throw in a jug of washer fluid.

As a bonus to Ford owners, we also give free top-offs of washer fluid at no charge whatsoever to you - just stop by!

Ford Oil Filters


In this video, Rick teaches us about the different levels of oil filters you can purchase.

First, let's review the Ford Motorcraft filter. It has a wide spring, so that when the engine is pushing the oil up, it keeps equal pressure down on the filter. If you take a look at the actual filter paper, it's moulded into place securely. There is also a silicone valve - this allows oil to bypass if the filter has become clogged so you don't blow your engine! The silicone also absorbs heat, not breaking down from the engine heat or pressure over time.

With the two after market filters, they have an individual spring, which can cause rocking. When the filter rocks from the engine pressure, not all the oil will go through the filter. They also have the paper simply glued in place for the filtration, one with a flimsy cardboard base. The spacers/valves on these filters are made of plastic and rubber, both of which will breakdown over time from the heat and pressure of your engine.

Your vehicle is an investment, for just a few more dollars it's well worth the further investment in quality parts in your engine, like the Motorcraft oil filter.


Truck Accessories Available at Legacy Ford Ponoka

In this video, Rick brings you through the various modifications available for your truck through Legacy Ford Ponoka.

So what have we added to this truck?

  • 2" leveling kit/lift - remember, when you alter any suspension component, you must get an alignment!
  • Chrome mud deflector - we also offer these in smoke
  • Chrome side vent shades - also offered in smoke
  • Cooper Discover AP3's with Worx chrome rims - whenever you add oversized tires, you must get mud flaps! We offer many tire and rim brands and styles, including Dick Cepeck's and Wrangler DuraTrac's, so contact us for details!
  • 6 ?" chrome rocker mouldings along the bottom

We also offer soft and hard folding and roll up covers for your truck box, rubber floor mats, really any accessory you can think of!

So stop by, and let your legacy start here with a customized truck!



Ford Winter Tire Information

In this video, Rick discusses snow tires, the importance of having them, when to put them on, and more.

The key is 7 degrees; once it's below 7 degrees, get your snow tires on. Once it gets consistently above 7 degrees, it's time to take them off!

Now let's explore a snow tire in detail. The sipes are the small gashes or grooves in the rubber. The sipes are what give a tire its traction, and with winter snow tires, the sipes are crucial to controlling your vehicle on ice.

When purchasing a snow tire, you want one with a softer overall compound. Why? This gives better control on snow and ice.

Rick believes the most important element of a snow tire is how deep its sipes are cut. The deeper the cut, the longer the tire will last. Manufacturers whose tires have sipes just cut into the surface of the lug rubber will probably last you one to two years. Those with sipes cut all the way down to the main tire body will perform better in snow and last at least three years.

Other factors to take into account are the V channels, which help discard snow away from the tires while driving, and the amount of sipes on the tires. The more sipes, the more traction and control!

At Legacy Ford Ponoka, we have many types of snow tires in stock at competitive pricing. Contact us for details. We have the tire expertise to help you, and will not be undersold!



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